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All things are not easily understandable in schools. Tuition is a place where students can get one-to-one attention from teachers and can learn in a better way. Now many things are going online, like even school conducting their classes on online platforms. Online tuitions are also available now.

Different people need to learn different things from their online tuition some want to learn about economics, math and much more. IB online tuition is also something which is getting popular nowadays. Advika institutes are providing IB classes online. Let’s see more things about the Ib online tutor.

What is International Baccalaureates( IB)?

It’s a program which mainly aims to develop knowledge, and inquiring in people. It’s for students who want to make the world better with the help of their knowledge. The IB also has an organization, which works to create different programs and currently, they have four. It’s mainly for people who are under 30-19.

What is IB Diploma?

The IB diploma offers many subjects, so students can easily choose their subject of learning. It’s distributed into six groups of the subject. First is language and literature, the second is Acquisition, the third is society and individual, the fourth is science, the fifth is related to mathematics, and in the end sixth is Art.

What are the benefits of taking IB online tuition?

  • 24/7 Availability: Student can easily contact their teachers anytime if they do not understand something. Teachers do not need to do any specific setup they can easily teach the student with the help of a small video call. It helps to clear all doubts of the students.
  • Personalized learning: Many tutors create custom lessons for specific students so they can understand them in a better way. They can also record the class and can watch it again. If any student skips the class, some tutors also provide a video of the class. Teachers also create some PDFs for students, so they can practice some concepts easily, which is not possible in offline classes.
  • Easily Accessible: Some students want to learn to form the bestIb online tutor, but they do not found any best tutor in their area. In this situation, they can go for online tutors, who are giving classes from different countries or state, and anyone can go for the classes by just sitting in their home. If someone is suffering from a health issue, so they still can attend their online class.
  • Flexibility in schedule: Most Ib online tutor gives flexibility in the schedule. Some students do not have much time to attend offline classes, so they can easily attend classes by doing other things like eating. The online tuition time can get also adjusted according to the student’s needs. It’s the main and most beneficial thing about online tuition.

What skills does the Advika Ib online tutor have?

  •  Good virtual learning platform: Teaching students online is not an easy thing. The tutor needs to create an environment which gives more focus to the students, and they can learn different things easily. Making an environment like an actual classroom can help a lot. Our Tutors are good at this, so they can build a connection with the student.
  • Communication skills: The teacher needs good communication skills for communication with students, guardians or parents. Especially when it comes to teaching online. If any Ib online tutor has good communication skills, teaching students online can become easier for them because they can build a connection with them.
  • Technical skills: Online teaching is not only about doing a video call with students, and just teaching them the concept of any chapter. If the tutor has good technical skills, so they can add pdf, and ppt slides during teaching, which helps to understand the concept more easily. Technical knowledge is a must thing in online teaching.

Why choose Advika Institute for Ib online tutor?

  • The Advika institute is not only focused on the study of a student. They also focus on behavior with the help of IB tuition. They provide an international course in India, which makes them better than others.
  • All Ib online tutor is the best in their field, and have some years of experience in IB. They motivate the child and give them the best education that they provide in India. The tutor always tries to teach more and more in less given time.
  • The Advika tutors are ready to give one-to-one knowledge to teach students. It makes things easy to understand for students. A one-to-one study is always better than a group study. They offer different courses in it too.
  • The Advika institute offers different things when it comes to IB, like Ib online tutor of Economics, chemistry, maths, physics, French and much more. They also give offline tuition in different Indian places like Noida or also home tuition.
  • The institute also provides free demo sessions. Students can take their free first demo class, and they can continue with us if they like. Students can choose easily, and it also helps them to understand more about the Advika institute services.


Anyone can go for Advika’s free demo class and then can join the whole online tuition class if they like their way of teaching. All teachers are experts in their field, and they know how to teach the students online so they can understand the concept of Ib in Ib online tutor class.

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